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Since its creation in 1995, MD International has KNOWN a steady and reasonable growth, which has enabled it to expand its field of competence, initially focused on the representation of manufacturers of toys from Asia Pacific in France.

The first geographical opening has resulted of finding new sources in Asia and Europe, and new markets in Europe, North America, and more recently in Africa. In parallel, the company has expanded its expertise to other products of high consumption, and the sale of services to its manufacturers. Nowadays, the toy represents only 40% of its activity, on par with the others products of high consumption (mainly office supply) and 20% for services (standing for, sale of design, consulting, etc.).

MD International, become MDFI (Marketing & Distribution France & International) in 2006 has continuously evolved to adapt itself to difficult markets : relocation of European production centers, and after of central purchasing to China, changing of some markets to the domination of the large brands / groups and the fall of costs of production that hurts  quality of products.

MDFI remained an independent company and at a human scale, bringing his expertise in many fields of international trade and anticipating new markets. It now finds its growth by expanding in three axes : 

* Offer IMPORT: toy and other non-food products and also LUXE and furniture

* Offer EXPORT : Sale of designs and also exclusive representation of manufacturers

* OPERATING shelters : educational toy of quality, among others.


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